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Filigree Cross
Filigree Cross
Eccentric Cross
Mixed Rudabeka


  1. I found out about your site through the Yahoo Quillers group. What amazing work! I am in awe of your quilling skills. I am off to explore the rest of your site

    — Tint · Sep 8, 09:29 PM · #

  2. Hello,
    I was looking around in your site – I think the crosses are beautiful.

    — Theresa · Nov 10, 09:27 PM · #

  3. Your work is awesome.
    I would really like to obtain the filigree cross pattern you have for your cover. I have been hunting high and low and I really want that pattern. Where and how much? It is for my personal use and will not be shared. :) I adore your work. Someday I hope to be half the quiller you are.

    Hi Susan: Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my work. I still consider myself a beginner as I have only been quilling for about 5 years, and I know I have lots of techniques left to learn. The Filigree Cross I have on the Home Page was made using Malinda Johnstons pattern in her booklet Designs in Quilling. I only modified it slightly to make it about an inch smaller to fit in the frame and substituted rounded cones for the coils on the center of the arms. March 22, 2007

    Deborah, Actually I think I may have that book already. However I would love to use the photo of your cross. with the floral sprays that you have used to use as a base to go by. I just adore what you did with it. I am not nor do I intend to do any selling of paper filagree. I would not have the time to do so even if I wanted. I just do it as a hobby for myself and little gifts. I would like to make that cross pattern and embellish it with a similar design. I have been quilling less then a year so I am still in the development of the skill. You really are VERY talented. Susan March 23, 2007

    Hi Susan - I don't mind at all

    March 23, 2007

    Thank You so much!!!!!!!!!! It will take me a while but I would be happy to send you a picture when I am done. I know it will not hold a candle to this one though. I really am impressed with the colors you use. I am not into the cutsy tootsy as much and I am very impressed with the elegance of your designs. Have a great day!!!!!!!! March 23, 2007

    — Susan Schuetz · Mar 22, 07:56 PM · #

  4. I’m new to quilling and have been scouring the internet in search of ideas. I had to tell you that your projects are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Thank you for the inspiration!

    — Sunny Hamichi · May 10, 09:22 PM · #

  5. I enjoyed viewing your site. Would you please advise me if you have a pattern of the cross for sale. I would love tyo make one for a friend

    — Judi Pennyfeather · Dec 7, 09:10 PM · #

  6. I really liked your Mixed Rudabeka

    — Jean · Apr 4, 08:42 PM · #

  7. I love your quilled crosses

    — Sue · Aug 19, 09:48 AM · #

  8. I love your quilled crosses. Can you tell me where to find patterns for them or similar ones?


    — Sue · Aug 19, 08:45 PM · #

  9. I absolutely love your work! I especially like the cross. I have made that cross before too but I love how you added the flowers!

    — Jessica · Aug 29, 09:08 PM · #

  10. First of all your work is beautiful!!!
    I am new to quilling and I may buy a fringing machine – I like the flowers with the closer cuts

    — Maureen · Sep 9, 08:49 PM · #

  11. Dear Deborah:

    Your work is beautiful!

    — Karen Welborn · Jun 19, 08:52 PM · #

  12. I love your work, I hope to one day be as good as you.

    Kathleen · Dec 19, 09:06 AM · #