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Village Handcrafts Store

I’m pleased to announce my products will be available for purchase from a new online store that is opening – Village Handcrafts

I have listed a few items on Village Handcrafts for now and will be adding more in the coming weeks.

Thank you to those who have inquired about where to purchase my items, as you pushed me into taking this step.

Deborah Hartin

I’ll be at Kredl’s Harvest Craft Fair this weekend October 5-6th selling Cards, Jewelry, Quilling, & Knitwear.

Thursdays, 21, 28 of February , 6:30 – 8:30pm: Heritage Craft Night at the New Brunswick Museum (Saint John)

Winter Heritage Craft Workshops on PaperQuilling. Try a new craft or practice your techniques. Bring your own supplies or purchase basics at the Museum Shop. Watch feature guest artists working on their own projects. Regular Admission.
Call (506) 643-2300 or visit the museum website or facebook page for further information. Easy to join membership information also available under: Get Involved

I’m always excited when I see a Top 10 List that includes Quilling, but even more excited when Quilling makes it into the Top 2!!

This latest list of 10 Fascinating Artisan Crafts focuses on “the more intriguing and lesser-known crafts” — some of which I had never heard of before.

Visit ListVerse to see entire list

Deborah's Sunflower Pattern

This is a pattern I made over 10 years ago when I first started quilling. If some of you recognize it, thats probably because it was published in the 2007 Accord Quilling Design A Day Calender


• Fringe 12” piece of 3/8” wide Gold Quilling Paper
• Fringe 12” piece of 3/8” wide Rust Quilling Paper
• Glue Gold and Rust fringed paper together making a 24” strip
• Starting with Gold end, roll the fringed strip into a tight roll and glue closed
• Make 8 – 6” Gold 1/8” marquises
• Make 8 – 3” Bright Yellow 1/8” marquises
• Make 3 or 4 – 6” Green 1/8” teardrops
• Short piece Green 1/8” for stem
• Glue the 8 Gold marquise evenly around Fringed Center
• Glue the 8 Bright Yellow marquise to center by gently sliding them between the Gold marquise
• Gently flare out the fringed center
• Add Green Stem and Leaves

Quilled Dahlias

Another finished frame – Dahlias

Daisies and Forget-Me-Nots

Another quilled frame

Another Quilled Frame

Quilled Daisies

Quilled Daisies

Dragonfly on Grass

Dragonfly on Grass – Another new Quilling Project

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